How I Work


Initially I meet with parents for a consultation. At that time I learn about the child’s history and about the parents’ concerns. With teenagers, I often include adolescents in this interview. I also review any relevant documents such as prior evaluations, IEP and 504 accommodation plans, and report cards. All of these documents can provide clues for current levels of functioning. This consultation is usually 1 & ½ -2 hours.


At the end of that meeting, I have the parents develop some questions they would like to have answered about their child. If a teen is present, I asked the teen to generate questions as well. Next we discuss possible plans of actions. These can include having me do a school observation (with younger children), doing psychological testing to obtain information about current cognitive and/or emotional functioning, and to do whatever other testing is necessary to answer the questions that were generated.


Next I meet with parents, and sometimes the child or teen jointly then separately, to address their concerns and answer their questions as best I can, based on what I have learned. If I feel it is necessary to refer to other professionals in order to obtain further information, I assist the family with that process as well. I consult with other professionals such as doctors, therapists and teachers.


I have developed a strategy over the years to provide a summary of the results to parents and to children. We then have a discussion about ideas for moving forward. Finally I provide a written summary of the testing.